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No Hot Water From Geyser Repairs In Sunninghill

There are times when you want to do the dishes or are hopping in the shower only to find the water is still cold.

Usually, it warms up after a minute, but what about those times when the water refuses to get any warmer? Thankfully, the most common causes of this problem can be easily diagnosed and solved by our qualified Sunninghill plumbers.

If you’re you’re experiencing a problem with no hot water, contact Sunninghill Plumber to discuss the problem you’re experiencing. Our team is highly knowledgeable and happy to help.

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No Hot Water Repairs Sunninghill

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    No Hot Water Repairs In Sunninghill

    No Hot Water Repairs Sunninghill

    If water is coming out of the hot water tap but it’s just not hot, then it could be one of the following faults:

    The Municipal Relay is Off

    • This can be confirmed by checking if the switch is in the off position on the relay box. The switch is usually situated in a box on an outside wall or at the actual electricity box in your house. You will have to call the no hot water faults line for Eskom, to fix this problem as we are not permitted to work on the municipal relay switch.

    Electrical wires are melted, or it is not making contact properly

    • We will have to re-wire the electrics on the geyser.

    Geyser Isolator is faulty

    • This switch is normally next to the geyser, if it is faulty, we will have to replace the isolator switch.

    The thermostat is not working

    • The electrical current needed to heat up the element is not going through the thermostat; thus we will have to replace it.

    The Geyser Element burnt out

    • This is the most expensive repair to a geyser. We will have to replace the element this involves switching off the water and draining the geyser before we can install the new element. Lastly, we must turn the water back on, refill the geyser with water and check for any leaks.

    On very rare occasions there could be other reasons why there is no hot water, or the water is very lukewarm.

    A leak in the hot water pipe.

    • Normally it’s underground and the water leaks so much that the cold water does not have enough time to heat up in the geyser. This then leads to no hot water or at least lukewarm water coming out at the tap. You might be able to hear a water-running sound or at least feel the hot water pipe outlet from the geyser is not hot at all. If no leak is visible, then we would suggest leak detection.

    If there is no water coming out of the tap, then the following could be the fault:

    The Shut Off Valve to the geyser is off

    • No water coming into the geyser and therefore no water coming out. Switch valve on.

    The pressure control valve is blocked or clogged

    • This will only affect the hot water pressure if the valve is installed right before the inlet to the geyser. The pressure control valve has a removable filter that we need to clean.

    The tap washer/cartridge is stuck or is not working

    • This will only affect one tap and the other taps in the house should still be fine. Change tap washer or cartridge.

    Still, having trouble?

    Contact us and we can help! we’ll send a highly skilled and qualified plumber to get your hot water back on as soon as possible.

    No Hot Water Sunninghill

    Same-Day Hot Water Repairs in Sunninghill

    Sometimes the signs of a failing geyser are there. You might hear a knocking noise, hissing, or notice frequent cycling coming from your geyser. Then, before you know it, you’re left with cold water in your shower or while washing your dishes. When this happens, don’t delay—call Sunninghill Plumber right away and we’ll get hot water back in your home.

    You can count on Sunninghill Plumber to fix your hot water problems with our same-day plumbing services. If your geyser has kicked the bucket, we offer quick geyser replacement and installations.

    We’ll do whatever it takes to bring comfort back into your life. We offer honest and transparent plumbing solutions paired with up-front pricing.

    no hot water emergency in Sunninghill

    no hot water Sunninghill

    Emergency Hot Water Repairs in Sunninghill

    Emergency Hot Water Repair Specialists Sunninghill

    On-demand hot water is something we might take for granted. No one wants to shower in freezing cold water in the morning! Sunninghill Plumber is here to help you get hot water right away so you can carry on with your routine.

    We are fully qualified and expertly trained plumbers with years of industry experience and knowledge. We are prepared to handle any hot water plumbing emergency that comes our way. Trust the professionals at Sunninghill Plumber.

    If you don’t have a plumbing emergency contact us now at (061) 704 3538.

    No Hot Water Geyser Sunninghill

    No Hot Water Geyser Repair Services In Sunninghill

    No hot water is probably the most common geyser problem consumers experience.

    It is also the most complicated plumbing issue to solve, as various factors can be responsible for icy showers.  The municipal relay could be off. You cannot move this switch and plumbers aren’t allowed to work on Eskom ripple relay switches. This switch is usually near your main switchboard, if the switch shows off, contact Eskom and they will send their team out to your residence to rectify the problem.  If the thermostat is faulty, it will need to be changed as this also results in no hot water. Last, but not least, it could be that the element burnt out. This is one of the bigger jobs done on a geyser and involves draining all the water from the faulty geyser. This task can get tricky if a “plumber” is not qualified, as you do not want water dripping through the ceiling onto your furniture and belongings because of lack of experience.

    The average geyser has a lifespan of 8-12 years, so if it’s been that long, it might be time to replace the unit–whether due to sediment build-up, worn-out parts, or simply because your water needs have outgrown the tank size.

    For a 24 hour plumber who knows what he is doing in fixing common geyser problems, we are just a phone call away!

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